2 face, 1 vineyard

Bernard Perret

As an independent vintner and a business man, Bernard Perret got his skills from few experiences through several companies. Actually, He is the fourth generation to lead of perret’s company in different aspect such as technical and logistics part. In order to extend the family business over a century old and to master fully the production, to the winemaking process, he decided to develop varietals grapes and to start to vinified the wine at the domain. A truly businessman, he was able to evolve his own estate, his vineyard and his wines by a taste, qualitative, avant-garde, reasoned culture, and an awarded approach.

David Givaudan

David Givaudan comes from a farmer family, when he was 8 years old, he would to become a sheperd, at 12 years old a farmer, and one day, he woke up and knew at 14 years old, he will be a winemaker for the rest of his life. He started to build his domain from nothing in 2001 wich have been the worst year for the French vineyards. In 2005, David Givaudan has met Bernard Perret, since then they never left each other again. They developed side by side 3 estates extended on 154 hectares in total to offer you the best of the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation. David always says :  « Thru my wine, you will discovered those who helped me to build my dream, Strong, fine and fruity are the way i craft my wine everyday with them, side by side ».

This is not a simple team, it’s a family spirit