The vintner attendant to the nature

The love for the vines and our environment leads us everyday to carry out to maintain delicate gestures. We strive to support our vines, from the buds to the ripe berries sun baked. It is with the same desire, that we take care of our vines each year, with the objective to produce typical wines with remarkable taste.

The culture of respect

Naturally, we have chosen a quality approach which engaged us to preserve and protect the most possible our natural environment. That’s why, we are applying a reasoned culture respectful of the ecosystem with all the attention we pay to our vines. Our commitments lead us to get a High environmental value certificate established by the French government in 2012,  for the wines we are crafting.

The vineyard

Our domains are certified High environemental value level 3 extend through 154 hectares of vines spread on 4 emblematic appellations : IGP Vins de Pays d’Oc, Vin de Pays du Gard, AOP Côtes-du-Rhône, et AOP Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Chusclan & Laudun. Throughtout the year, we pay a great attention to our lands. In Fact, Crafting wine need to take care carefully of the soils and the vines in order to permit it to transform as a delicious nectar that will be in our glasses.
When veraison begins, we are supported by our agronomist, Mr. Grellier who lead us technically. By following our parcels from observation to tasting of the berries, he takes all the environmental aspects into account and then advises us on the optimal harvest date. Our harvest is all carried out at night in order to preserve the freshness of the grapes, avoiding oxidation of the ripe berries. In this way, This harvest ensures high quality wines.

Did you know ?

Historical researches established that the Côtes-du-Rhône are one of the first wine region in the world. This area crossed by history, has been farming since the antiquity. The fruits harvesting of those vineyards is developed and then marketed by the romans. Their presence in our territory is an evidence by the many vestiges and monument all across the Gard region. These influences are visible in many villages in the area, such as l’oppidum and the presence of stone washhouse nearby our domain. In fact, a large number of monuments such as les Rampart d’Avignon, le Pont du Gard, les Arènes de Nîmes or even more or less well-preserved Aqueducts, Temples, oppidum, theaters are curved in our region and attract plenty of tourist all around the world. They are the witnesses of their histories, our history.

A unique terroir

The Rhône Valley

The Rhône valley terroir is cradled by a mild & semi-continental climate and by its famous mistral which gives it clear skies. This climate is perfect for the grapes growth to developing deep and fruity wines. The identity of the Rhône Valley comes from the diversity of its soils and get their specificities from the streams that run alongside them. From wet to dry soils through draining soils, the soils cultivated by our estates are composed of different minerals layers. The clay soils allow us to obtain colorful wines rich in aromas, the limestone offer light, aromatic, round and supple wines with fruity and floral flavors, and finally our sandy soils produce light, fresh, subtle and little tannic wines.

Laudun & Chusclan

The soils of our Villages appellation wines such as Côtes du Rhône Laudun & Chusclan are draining soils responsible for wines of surprising freshness. The vines are planted on stony or gravelly slopes, with poor soils with high draining power. Bordered by the course of several rivers, they flourish on the terraces of the massifs of the right bank of the Rhône and benefit from a moderate Mediterranean climate. This geographical peculiarity gives birth to unique wines revealing the character of their region.