Family heritage and avant garde

We are looking for the right balance between modern winemaking and traditional technics to craft elegant, deep and typical wines. The grapes of each parcels are fully matured and harvested, selected and vinified separately, in order to best express them the characteristics of the grapes varieties and the terroir.

The balance meaning

Balance, deep and vibrant, our wines reflect our quest for the most authentic expression of the Côtes-du-Rhône terroir. Each cuvee is vinified with the intention of crafting modern, expressive and typical wine from the Rhône valley. All the winemaking process are mastered and made at the family estate with rigour for a constant quality. The Domaine de Givaudan wines are thus recognized in France and overseas.


During the winemaking process, we really engage ourselves to manage the temperature of our inox tank to extract as much as possible the aromas and get a perfect balance into our wines. Every choices we have made during the harvest, to the winemaking process and the aging in oak barrels permit to present rich, expressives and fine wines.


Wine aging is not an exact science. Thereby, the only tools we have are to keep eyes open, reflexion and tasting which are the best way to make sure our wine is representative of our state of mind. We need to let the wine rest, develop, and refine itself without letting the French wood exceed the original taste of the wine.

The harvest start at night wich is benefic and the best way to get cold temperature. The grapes are vinified by varieties in order to master the fermentation as well as possible and to let their personality express as much as possible.

Each of our choices during the harvest, winemaking, and aging allow us to present you white, red, and rosé, floral, fruity, elegant, complex and refined wines.