Rhône valley wines


In love with their land and guided by the desire to reveal the essence of the terroirs, Bernard Perret and David Givaudan aim to create authentic wines that respect the environment as proven by obtaining the HVE level 3 label wich is certified a reasoned culture with care. Nowadays, composed of three estates, the David Givaudan wines have one goal to reflect the diversity and richness of the terroir of Côtes du Rhône Gardoises. marked in tradition while looking to the future, David Givaudan wines combine elegance, balance and authenticity.


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Within our estates, we offered to you several appellations of the Rhône valley. Vin de pays du Gard, IGP Vins de pays d’oc, AOC Côtes du rhône, AOC Côtes du rhônes villages, AOC Côtes-du-rhône villages Laudun, AOC Côtes du Rhône villages Chusclan, Cru Rasteau, Cru Châteauneuf-du-pape.

Our terroirs belong to the Gard regions located in the south east of France. Surrounded by La cite de papes : Avignon, by the Roman arena : Nimes and Uzès village which was the first duchy of France and then the roman aquaduct : Le pont du Gard. Our region is rich of history, and get his specifity from the mediterranean civilizations which have built our culture through the centuries.

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