Harvest, an aromatic vintage

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After pruning in winter and the green harvest in July, our 2020 harvest begins in mid-September, and we are delighted to share it with you! The vagaries of the weather have not been kind to our vines. The March frost got the better of a good part of our yield, and our harvests are set to be special … For the 10th consecutive year, we are supported by our agricultural engineer, Mr Grellier. Thus, he accompanies us during each harvest preparation in order to determine the perfect harvest date for each of our plots. To set the optimum harvest date, tasting and observation work is required in order to know the level of ripening of the berries.

Vendanges Domaine Givaudan Vin Grellier



For Mr Grellier,

A grape matures when the bitter taste of the grape gives way to a fruity taste, this is when the aromatic balance is the best. “


Not all grape varieties have the same precocity, so we start with the white grape varieties: Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier and Vermentino. When the white berries are ripe, they show a golden color, even brown reflections, and the stalk changes from green to yellow. Our red grape varieties, such as Syrah, Merlot, Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre, are ripe when they take on pretty plum reflections.

To verify this, Mr Grellier presses the berry between his fingers, observes that the pulp is not too green. The more the nail is colored, the more the grape is ready for the harvest. Finally, only the skin is tasted, which must be supple and sweet.

In March, our vines were affected by frost. This climatic hazard preventing berry growth, our harvest is significantly lower than that of 2019. However, the Sun reigns over the Southern Valley and it gave us a hot and dry summer, very favorable to the ripening of the berries. In addition, the finer rains preceding the harvest allowed the grapes to overflow before the harvest.

This season therefore provides us with berries that are smaller than in previous years but entirely sun-drenched, concentrated in aromas and colors, ripe from the seed stalk.

Vignes Grenache Givaudan Vendanges

“I don’t remember such an aromatic vintage! ”

                                                               M.Grellier, agricultural engineer

Even if the harvest is smaller in terms of tonnage, the size of these berries promises better skin and juice yield, ideal for making a very particular vintage with superior aromas. But it is still the work of the vines that will allow us to obtain a nice vintage.

Analyse des Syrahs
Analyse de la maturité phénolique des Syrahs



“Every year we have to work with what nature gives us, different yields, different berries and different flavors, it’s a real challenge! »

William, Cellar Master